Who We Are ?

Factorial Game Studio is a gaming related website(obviously) created in February ’16 with one purpose, to help gaming community as a whole, but most likely in Turkey. The organization founded by 3 high-school students at the beginning but sooner later supported by many gamers living in Turkey(mostly because of the help of Oyungezer, a Turkish gaming magazine). In the next couple of months, we reached lots of game developers through Steam Greenlight, and agree with some of them. But world is not always a shiny place, so we faced with some economical problems, so we started charging money from game developers, it wasn’t even close to any other translating service, but still it’s a price. Right now, we’re working with people has any content related to gaming, and working for a fixed price. We have plans about creating our own game, but there is a long way ’til there. But until then, we will work with our all effort to work with our customers to create awesome content.